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Italian Catholic Federation (ICF)

     The Italian Catholic Federation (ICF) is a non-profit fraternal organization for practicing Catholics of all cultures. Founded in 1924, the federation’s mission is to uphold and develop the religious spirit among its members and to spread that spirit throughout the community. As Christians, we continue the tradition of love, hospitality, and works of charity as signs of Christ's peace among us.

     Members of the ICF enjoy the fellowship of other Catholics and their families. By praying and playing together, we enrich ourselves, strengthen our family and spiritual lives, and share our blessings with one another.


     We are proud of our assistance to Saints Peter and Paul parish, pastor and local community. We often help local pastors with various parish projects and fundraisers. Our members are often active in parish councils, finance committees, and other Catholic organizations. The ICF is an example of the laity's participation in the apostolic mission of the Catholic Church.


     Our Heritage Program informs and enlightens each new generation about the many contributions Italian Catholic men and women have made to our society. At our meetings and at our local convention, you can learn about our rich Italian American heritage as well as other heritages that make up this great nation of immigrants.


     Our national publication, The Bollettino, is filled with local and national ICF news and offers the reader traditional recipes, book reviews and historical and religious articles.


     To support the clergy, the ICF offers prayers and monetary donations for the continuation of vocations and contributes to the education of young men training for the priesthood.


     We award scholarships to Catholic elementary and high school students and grants to assist the developmentally disabled. Our Mario Cugia Scholarship promotes Italian studies.


     We are a major supporter of the Cooley's Anemia research and treatment program at Oakland Children's Hospital, and we sponsor an Organ Donor Awareness program. Our Gifts of Love Program provides grants to individuals with disabilities so that they may develop academic, athletic, vocational and creative arts skills that assist them towards greater independence.


     The ICF offers various annual awards. The Pope John XXIII Award is presented to an outstanding lay person who best exemplifies the humanitarian qualities of this exemplary pope. The Mother Teresa award recognizes and honors a priest, nun, deacon or brother for exemplary humanitarian work. We also honor a family of the year as well as a young adult who exhibits the qualities of leadership We annually bestow the Grand President's Award to a member for exceptional community service in the spirit of the ICF.


     We welcome and extend our hearts to you. Enjoy with us Italian cuisine, pedro and bocce tournaments, potlucks, travel excursions, and other events which allows us to worship and socialize together as well as raise funds to support a range of worthwhile programs.


     If you are interested in the ICF, please contact Melissa Rodriguez  email:   and come to one of our many activities.


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