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Congratulations to all new parents and welcome to the children!

New life gives the promise, hope and expectations that the world will become a better place. If the world is to become a better place because these children have been born into it, these parents have a huge responsibility. They are not alone. We, the Christian Community, and specifically the Catholic Community of Saints Peter & Paul, share that responsibility.


We, the Parish Community of Saints Peter & Paul, pray that our words and actions may lead these newly baptized children to the wonder of God's love for them. We pledge our prayer and support to you, the parents and families who have been gifted with these children.

The Infant Baptism Process

1. Interview with the Baptism Coordinator. During this conversation parents are asked to articulate why they are choosing to have their child baptized in the Catholic Church and do they understand and commit to living out the vow they are making during the baptism rite.

2. Attend a Baptism Preparation Session for parents.

3. Baptisms are scheduled by calling Baptism Coordinator, Chet  Pawlowski Jr. at 520-327-6015 ext #114. The Baptism Coordinator can help with any questions you may have.

Baptism for Children Age 7-17 (OCI)

The Order of Christian Initiation (OCI) is a form of initiation intended for children who were not baptized as infants, but who have reached the "age of reason" are of catechetical age. Through OCI, the children learn sufficient information to make an intelligent commitment. Their learning continues long after initial reception of the sacraments.

To find out more about OCI, contact Chet Pawlowski, Jr. 520-327-6015 ext. #114

Additional Information

Parents must live within the boundaries of Saints Peter & Paul Parish and/or be registered parishioners.

If you belong to another parish and are requesting to have your child baptized at Saints Peter & Paul for family reasons, we must have a letter of permission from your parish to celebrate the baptism.

Please be aware of the criteria set by Canon Law for godparents. One godparent must be at least 16 years old, confirmed Catholic, practicing their faith and in good standing with the Church.


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