On November 16, 1930 Bishop Daniel J. Gercke officially established the parish of Saints Peter and Paul in the expanding northeast quadrant of Tucson. Within in a month, work began on the “temporary” church, now called Madonna Hall. In the less then a year, the school opened for 160 youngsters. The founding pastor, Father John N. Patterson, had a vision for a quality elementary school, a hallmark of our parish all these years.

    The parish has grown in many ways. Not only did the school graduate many developing Catholics but the overall community “graduated”many developing priests Saints Peter and Paul parish became an appropriate first-experience for young clergy under the mentoring of pioneer-pastors like Father Patterson, Father James P. Davis (later the archbishop of Santa Fe), Father Francis J. Green (the bishop of Tucson after Bishop Gercke retired in 1960), and Father Arthur F. Gramer (retired in 1986 after almost 26 years as pastor - just about the same length of time John Paul II was Pope.)

The two-story convent was constructed in 1947. The rectory - parish offices complex was added in 1954. The parish buildings saw many additions and improvements over the decades. The highlight of all this of course was the completion of the present magnificent church in 1949. Coincidentally, Bishop Gercke officiated at the dedication ceremonies on his 75th birthday, October 9th of that year.

Here are a few “firsts”

First Baptism: Gretchen M. Ludenau on December 24, 1930, by Father Joseph N. Patterson, first Pastor. It took place in the “Chapel” a building at 10th street and north Park Avenue.

First First Holy Communion: Betty Richardson and 24 others on May 10, 1931. Father Joseph N. Patterson was the priest - celebrant.

First Confirmation: John Knost and 61 others on March 27, 1932. Bishop Daniel J. Gercke officiated.

First Marriage: Edgar Lauthier and Regina Duggan Wunsch on February 17, 1931, witnessed by Father Joseph N. Patterson in the parish “chapel” as noted above.  The first one in the original church building , now Madonna Hall, was on February 1, 1932, joining Louis Rupp and Clara Fittsworth in the Sacrament of Matrimony. The first wedding in the new church was October 14, 1949, between Morris Farrow and Marilyn Buchanan, then Father Francis J. Green doing the Honors.


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